Flagstone Work


Flagstone Installation

Shaping stones into an accurate geometrical figure and arranging them into beautiful patterns is one of the best ways to enhance the landscape of your property. Natural stone structures offer a unique combination of charm and functionality. In addition to increasing your property’s curb appeal, Flagstone also provides resilience and strength to houses in high-traffic areas.

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Flagstone Installation

Keeping your requirements in mind, our team of experienced landscape designers finds the best solution for Flagstone installation. We install flagstone on top of screening or concrete bases depending on what you demand. However, in both cases, the base is prepared similar to how we prepare interlocking patios and driveways. We make sure the installation process follows all the SOPs and that the final product is durable and sturdy.


We Use Different Types Of Natural Stones

Natural stones are available in several shapes, sizes, and colours. The most common stones used are random flagstones and calibrated & cut flagstones from Banas Stone. The type of natural stone used will depend on the structure of your landscape, the colour combination that you choose, and the overall aesthetic of your house. The type, size, and colour of flagstone you choose will affect the final price of the product.


Best Flagstone Contractor

Perfectly installed Flagstone can increase the overall look of your home. Work with only the best contractors for Flagstone work. At Burl-Oak, we provide quality Flagstone installation services.


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