Top 2 Dramatic Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Home

The landscaping of your house plays an important role in increasing the overall ambiance of your outdoor space, but if there isn’t proper lighting then it can become really difficult to see the landscaping at night.

There are numerous ways to enhance the landscape of your house, and by enhancing the landscape you can increase the aesthetic appearance of your home’s exterior.

Decorative shrubs, ponds, and creative use of stonework are just some of the few ways you can enhance your home’s landscape.

But it is important to keep in mind that whatever you want to do to your landscape you will have to hire a certified licensed landscaping company for it.

Another more aesthetic way to increase the overall curb appeal and aesthetic of your outdoor living space is through the use of outdoor lighting.

Most people don’t see lighting as a decorative element, but in reality, it is something that can easily transform the look and feel of your house’s exterior and the land that surrounds it.

With proper lighting, your outdoor space will become a great place for you to host parties and other outdoor events for your friends and family.

Well-placed lighting can accentuate the architecture of your house and highlight its outdoor elements such as its plants and trees and give an overall warm glow to your home’s exterior.

So if you are looking for a way to add a little something to your landscaping then lightning is a great way to enhance the work you have done.

If you are looking for a few lighting ideas for your landscaping that will take your home’s exterior to a whole new level then keep on reading as we will outline the top 2 ideas for dramatic landscape lighting.

Pathway Lighting

The best way to enhance the overall look of your house is by adding lights to the pathways around your home.

By adding lights around the pathway of your home you can make your home more aesthetically pleasing and can also make your home’s exterior more functional.

Having lighted pathways will enhance the overall experience of walking around your home even after dark.

If you have a winding cobblestone walkway or brick pathway then adding lights to it will give your outdoor space a very magical look.

Some other places you could add pathway lights include deck steps and along the walkway that leads to your home’s front door.

So, lighted pathways will not only make strolling around your yard safer but also add beauty and aesthetics to your home.

Pond Lighting

If you have spent a lot of time building a pond in your outdoor space then why not make sure it is always visible for everyone to see and enjoy.

Proper lighting around your pond will make all the water features really pop especially at night. If you want to add a dramatic effect then try putting the lightning in the right place around your pond so that it enhances the water features of your pond.

Water features such as fountains and ponds add beauty and serenity to your house. Whether it is a flagstone rimmed pond or an urn fountain, proper lightning will truly help pop the water features at night.

Fountain lightning and coloured lightning can create a lovely and relaxing atmosphere that will add ambiance to your home’s overall exterior.

If you want the most dramatic effects then place the lights in the water itself as this will truly help the water features of your pond stand out at night.

Also make sure that you hire a certified landscaping company for this job as they have trained professionals who know how to perfectly add lights to your ponds, driveways, pathways and patios.

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