The word patio originates from the Spanish word patio, which translates to backyard or back garden. A word that describes any outdoor living space in a home. Generally, it is intended for dining, relaxation, or any other entertainment activity.

The patio is an important part of your landscaping and can also become the center of attraction if designed and decorated nicely with the help of a professional landscaping company. There are various ways you can choose to decorate your patio.

Let’s discuss some of the materials used to build a patio and some things you should consider when building a patio, along with some design ideas.

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Things To Consider When Planning To Install A Patio

The patio is the center part of your landscape design and can be designed in various ways. It is an important part of your outdoor living area and can be used for a bunch of activities. This includes socializing, sunbathing, relaxing and dining. Moreover, you should consider the style of your house so that the patio complements both your house and your lifestyle.

You should plan out the layout of your patio first. Having people’s backs to your house is never the best choice. You should plan your patio design in such a way that you can have an outside view while being in the interior of your house. An impressive patio can be designed by considering the aesthetic natural view of the sunset, lakes or mountains.

Considering these factors can enhance the beauty of your patio. If these natural factors are not available, consider adding a fence to avoid unwanted and unattractive sites.

You should also be very careful when choosing the materials for your patio. You can use concrete to create beautiful and mesmerizing designs that are affordable. You can also go on to use pavers for your patios to ensure durability without it being a burden on your pocket. Wood is commonly used to design decks, but it can also be used for patios made for outdoor use.

Patio Landscaping Ideas

Low maintenance, privacy and safety are the main functionalities of a perfect patio design. Below we will discuss these factors and ideas to improve the appearance of your patio.

Sunken Patio

One way to bring out innovation into your backyard is to get a sunken patio. This can easily serve as an intimate dining or seating area. You can create the setting in the surrounding retaining walls to utilize the space efficiently.

Add An Indoor Touch

Overhead fans, a pergola, upholstered chairs, and dining areas with proper dining sets can make you and your family linger longer for a more comfortable family time.


You’ll need some privacy to relax and enjoy your sunbathing or BBQ party with friends and family. You can protect your privacy in three different ways: by installing formal hedges, informal hedges, or fences.

Some people prefer the cleaner look of plants by cutting their hedges into rectangular shapes. These formal hedges provide privacy to a very great extent. You can also avoid unwanted attention from the neighbourhood by using arborvitae bushes which are a great example of informal hedges.

How Can I Design A Patio At Minimum Cost?

The cheapest way to design a patio is to use concrete. Concrete is the most popular material used to make a hard surface that later forms a patio after drying. The concrete mixture can be formed by mixing water with gravel, stones, shovels and sand that dry after some time, forming a hard surface.

A Patio Adds Value To Your House

Estimations have shown that a well-designed and attractive patio can increase the value of your house up to 8-10% and receive an ROI of about 80%. However, it is beneficial for homeowners to get their patio repaired as it only costs fifteen hundred dollars and can help increase your ROI by 500%.

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