All You Need To Know About Landscape Lighting For Your Yard

Undeniably, one of the most significant determinants of a property’s financial value in the market is its visual appeal and enticement. Regardless of how well-built and strong a property is, an owner will never attain the required price for their property if it does not feature alluring colours and breathtaking landscapes. Surprisingly, adding a single landscape feature like a fountain or a rock wall pushes a property’s price beyond anticipation.

For this reason, many homes and commercial property owners increasingly and generously invest in the beautification of their building’s exterior. From crafting well-contoured and pitch-perfect lawns to swimming pools, a plethora of options are available at your service. These things look great on their own in the sun’s warm beams. But what about under the dark night sky? Shouldn’t your yard look equally appalling from dusk till dawn?

As reputed landscape contractors, we want to bring your attention to landscape lighting and how it can benefit your property. We have realized that people will pour out money like water to beautify their property but forget about its charm at night. Amazingly, nighttime yard charm is easier and more cost-effective than what comes to mind.

Unlike the extensive amount of materials needed to construct external features, all you need to enhance the visual impressiveness of your property at night is landscape lighting. Of course, the idea is only effective if you know what has to be installed where.

So for the purpose of this blog post, we shall briefly discuss various aspects of landscape lighting to give you a rough idea of the importance of the topic.

Areas That Need Landscape Lights

In truth, average lights can be placed almost anywhere in your front and backyard. However, our concern here is not merely to lighten up your yard. A delightful sight is what we seek to achieve. In our opinion, lighting is an integral part of the front and backyard design. If your yard does not have appropriately installed lights for a magical night view, the design will remain incomplete and unsatisfactory:

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Thus, you must choose specific areas of your yard to install the light in order to attain the perfect image:

  • Walls
  • Entry points
  • Pathways
  • Driveways
  • Thick shrubs or trees
  • Flowerbeds
  • Rock walls
  • Pools, fountains, and other ornamental structures

Regardless of the area you choose, ensure that the wiring and other technical tasks are adequately and diligently done. If done carelessly, the installation process can go extremely wrong. From extra costs in damage repairs to accidental fires, a lot can happen. Hence, you must be careful and request landscape lighting services from only reliable and professional landscaping contractors.

Landscape Light Placement Terminology

Communication is the key to the success of any endeavour. To be honest, everyone has unique preferences and desires to achieve dissimilar goals through the landscape light installation process. Even if the idea is to enhance the look of the yard, what is attractive to the eyes of an individual varies from person to person. Thus, you must clearly communicate your landscape lighting objectives to your chosen landscaping company to avoid any miscommunication or disparity.

These terms may help you along the way:

  • Shadowing – Lights are placed at the base of a feature close to a wall.
  • Washing – Here, the idea is to create a shower-like beam by placing lights some feet away from shrubs or a wall at an indirect angle.
  • Silhouetting – This light placement technique is slightly different from shadowing as the lights are placed behind a feature towards a wall.
  • Accenting – In this case, lights are placed in a concealed position and are either angled up or down to give a narrow beam.

These are the basic terms you may encounter in your landscape lighting project. Needless to say, the list is endless.

Exquisite Yard Lighting Ideas

Lastly, let us explore a few lighting ideas to spice up your research further and help you form clear-cut goals:

Porch Area/ Front Door Hanging Lights

This is whereby lights are hung from the top in a sophisticated manner to illuminate a specific area of your home’s exterior. Using this method on front doors and porches provides a perfect romantic and Disney sensation.

Path Lights

For both safety and beauty goals, illuminating the walkway or driveway areas is very important. You can use a variety of lighting techniques to brighten up your pathways at night.

Pool And Fountain Lighting

While lighting a yard is on its own a remarkable way to enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior, installing lights near water bodies has a distinct magical impact. The shimmering water will surely steal away every onlooker’s breath.

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