What Are The Common Types Of Patio Material Used For Landscaping Projects?

Landscaping around your garage or backyard is more than just planting a few bushes here and there and calling it a day.

There are numerous types of landscaping materials that you can use to create a beautiful backyard.

If you want to create a distinctive patio design then there are certified landscaping companies that can provide you with the best collection of different types of materials that you can use in your patio designs to make it distinctive and unique.

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Keep on reading this blog and you will find a list of the most common types of patio material that you can use to make a distinctive patio interlock design.

What Is A Patio?

A patio can be described as an outdoor space that is mostly constructed in the back of your house. It is usually located adjacent to the main structure.

It can either be attached to the main building or built as a detached structure around the landscape of your house.

Though patios are typically open to the sky, some homeowners prefer installing overhead shade for some privacy and protection from the sun.

The patio of your house is the foundation of your landscape design and it can be achieved in many ways. It defines the outdoor living area of your house and is used for a bunch of activities such as dining, socializing and sunbathing.

Since it defines the backyard of your house it is important that your patio design complements the lifestyle and the character of your house.

So the design of your patio should be top-notch therefore it is best that you hire a certified landscaping contractor, as they know how to make the best patio interlock designs.

The perfect patio design can be achieved by using different types of materials such as stones, pavers and wood. Whichever type of material you choose to use for your patio interlock designs will upgrade the look of your property, create a stunning outdoor area and will increase your home’s property value.

Layout Consideration

Just like everyone else you want to plan your patio in a way that helps you take advantage of your surrounding views from within the interior of your house.

While the majority of patio layouts are made in a way so that those outside sit with their backs to the house, this seating arrangement is not always the best.

So the first thing you need to do while planning your patio design is to make a layout arrangement.

The layout is as important as the design of your patio so sit down with a certified landscape contractor and discuss the layout design for your patio interlock designs.

Types Of Materials Used For Patio Interlock Designs

The majority of patio designs fall into one or more of the materials listed below. Some of these materials are highly variable while some are more static.

Here are some of the materials that you can use to make your patio interlock design.


These are one of the most used materials when it comes to interlocking patios. High-quality pavers come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours.

They are popular due to their long-term durability, low cost and permeability to move with the ground in order to eliminate cracking.

The biggest advantage of precast pavers is that they are very small in size and can be moved by hand without using any special equipment. Also, they can stand alone on gravel or sand without mortar.

There are many types of pavers that can be used for a patio interlock design. Here are some common types of pavers:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Permeable
  • Natural stone
  • Flagstone


One of the most used materials for patio designs is textured, tinted and decorative concrete. They are popular because they are durable, slip-resistant and safe. Moreover, they are functional, affordable and unique which makes them a popular choice among homeowners.

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